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Antigravity/Power Source Batteries Press Release

Los Angeles, CA September 19th, 2012 –
Antigravity Batteries a Southern California based manufacturer of high performance lithium powersports/motorsport batteries and accessories, announced an agreement with So. Cal based Power Source Batteries for the exclusive distribution of Antigravity Batteries in California, AZ and Nevada.  
“We are very excited to be in partnership with another So. Cal based company such as Power Source Batteries who has a history of delivering great products.  We both share the same ideals of not necessarily being the biggest companies but rather focusing on the highest quality products for the customer with great customer service” said Scott Schafer, Antigravity President and CEO.
Completely built in the USA, (components and all) Antigravity Batteries are the latest technology in lithium Powersports/Motorsport batteries.  Using the same Nano-Phosphate lithium power-cells used by companies such as Ford, Toyota, BMW and GM Antigravity Batteries can offer the most compact and powerful and lightweight battery in the industry, with up to 40% more power compared to similar physical size batteries like their competitor Shorai. Power is what spins the motor faster and keeps the voltage up when starting a motor, so more power offers better starting.   Antigravity Batteries are the only lithium battery manufacturer to offer lithium batteries in direct drop-in fit OEM replacement sizes for most modern motorcycles.  Additionally Antigravity offers another line of batteries called “Small Case” models  that are the most compact and powerful batteries in their class and are used by many of the top race teams and enthusiasts around the world who desire the space and weight savings for their performance vehicles.
“Antigravity Batteries raises the bar for lithium motorsports batteries in design, function, performance and build quality” states CEO Scott Schafer.  “Our batteries are built to last with heavier duty interior connections than our competition, bigger and unbreakable brass terminals, and our batteries are waterproof which are just of few of the advantages we have over competitors. We wanted to build a high quality battery that lasts since we have seen so many failures in other lithium products.   We offer the most compact and powerful batteries from 1.25” thick  and weighing less than a pound that can start 600cc race bikes to our ultra –compact and lightweight  720 cranking Amp battery the YT12-24 that boasts 720 Cranking Amps and is only 5 pounds! This battery is the most powerful in the industry for powersports and can start the largest high compression V-Twin motor as well as large hi-performance V-8 motors Race car motors.  To top it off we are releasing our latest battery with 16volts aimed at the drag racers
Antigravity Batteries are the OEM supplier to high-end bike manufacture Confederate Motors, suppliers to the Yamaha GYTR catalog or high performance parts, they are used by the J-STAR/JDR SX and MX team, Balance Racing (9 time GNCC Champions), the Andretti Motorsports Team in the USF 2000 series, as well as in almost every race series in the USA and abroad.
 Antigravity Batteries Inc was founded in 2009 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. and provides high performance lithium batteries for all users.  For more information please contact Power Source Batteries or Antigravity directly.

Power Source Batteries

PowerSource Batteries

PowerSource WP Series batteries feature a completely sealed and maintenance free design. Factory pre-charged and Deep Cycle capable of up to 800 cycles for a typical user. Travel and shipping is made easy by being approved by the FAA, CAB, IATA, DOT, air transport and UPS.PowerSource mobility batteries are also MEDICARE approved according to SADMERC. The appropriate HCPCS to use when billing both GEL CELL and ABSORBED GLASS MAT (AGM) batteries are:
  • E2365    U-1 Sealed Lead Acid. Gel Cell and Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries.
  • E2361    22NF Sealed Lead Acid. Gel Cell and Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries.
  • E2363    Group 24 Sealed Lead Acid. Gel Cell and Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries.

Sealed Maintenance Free

Power SourceTM batteries feature sealed construction to allow safe operation in any position. A specialized “oxygen cycle” recombines gases during overcharge so there is no need to add electrolyte, and they are factory precharged.

Deep Discharge Recovery

Special separators, advanced deep cycle plate composition, and a carefully balanced electrolyte system have greatly improved the capability of recovering from deep discharge, up to 800 cycles.

Easy Shipping

Nothing could be easier with Power SourceTM batteries. Leak-Proof construction virtually eliminates the need for special precautions, shipping containers, or government approval.


Power SourceTM batteries may be used in series and/or parallel to provide a choice between voltage and capacity. The same battery may be used in either cyclic or standby applications without sacrificing life or performance.

Rugged Construction

High-Impact resistant ABS non-conductive plastic, styrene, or polypropylene make up the durable case and provides excellent resistance to vibrations, shock, chemicals, and temperature.

High Discharge Rate

Discharge currents of over ten times the rated capacity of the battery are a result of low internal resistance specifically found in Power SourceTM batteries. Smaller batteries may even be specific in applications requiring high peak currents.

Long Shelf Life

Low self-discharge rate permits storage of fully charged batteries for up to one year at room temperature before charging is required. Lower room temperatures extend overall life.

Wide Operating Temperature

Power SourceTM batteries may be discharged over a temperature range of -15°C to +50°C.

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